Lightweight construction is becoming increasingly important in various industrial applications. Every kilogram weight reduction affects lower energy consumption and increase energy savings. Weight reduction and recycling, combined with high mechanical stability and flame-retardant properties, are becoming crucial criteria in favor of payload, safety, and CO2 emissions reduction.

Luxpanel International aluminum lightweight panels are used in many industrial applications due to their low weight and their ratio of stiffness to weight.

Some of the most representative applications and benefits are described on this page.

Ship and Yacht Construction

Cabins, walls, ceilings, floors, partition walls, stairs, furniture, doors, tables, wet room, decorations, formed parts, fire protection, etc.

Rail Vehicles

Walls, ceilings, floors, ramps, tables, furniture, decorations, formed parts, etc.

Vehicle Construction

Ceilings, floors, cargo structures, cabins, flaps, ramps, shelves, tables, furniture, formed parts, etc.

Special Applications

Flood protection walls, column coverings, vacuum tables, event furniture, crash absorbers, etc.

Mechanical engineering

Enclosures, claddings, covers, frames, platforms, tables, support plates, formed parts, control cabinets, etc.

Construction industry

Ceilings, floors, walls, support plates, stages, platforms, facades, modules, decorations, fire protection, etc.


Ceilings, Walls, partition walls, decorations, etc.

Composite Industry

Stiffening elements, support plates, component manufacturing molds, formed parts, etc.


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