Technical Data

Panel ThicknessmmStandard thicknesses:
6 mm
10 mm
15 mm
19 mm
Other thicknesses possible on request!
Aluminium Cover SheetTopCPL Laminat
|BottomCPL Laminat
Technical Layer Materialmm0,4 mm
Material Grade (carrier sheets)Aluminium cover sheet5000er Legierung
|Core3000er Legierung
Carrier Hardnessvariablevariable
Panel widthmmUp to 1280 mm (raw width)
Panel lengthmmvariable

All technical and mechanical values see Data Sheet of Luxboard A


Ship Construction
MED, IMO 0098
Modul D Production Quality AssuranceModul D MEDD000013Y-rev.6
||Module B – Type Approvals
Item no. MED/3.13 non-combustible
Luxboard A Wabenkern mit USCG no. 164.109
Modul B MEDB00003ZH-rev.2
||Item no. MED/3.64 C-class divisions,
non-combustible materials
Luxboard A
Modul B MEDB00002D0-rev.1
Luxboard D
|||Modul B MEDB000077T
Luxboard A-QA
|||Modul B MEDB000076N
|||Modul B MEDB00002JV-rev.2
||Item no. MED/3.18a surface materials and
floor coverings with low flame spread characteristics
Luxboard A mit USCG no. 164.112
Modul B MEDB00006H8
Luxboard D mit USCG no. 164.112
|||Modul B MEDB00004HM-rev.1
Blueboard mit USCG no. 164.112
|||Modul B MEDB00006H9
U.S. Coast Guard
Aluminum honeycomb core:
Item No: MED/3.13 non-flammable according to IMO FTP Code, Annex 1, part 1 USCG
Approval No.: 164.109/EC0098/MEDB0003ZH-REV-1/MEDD000013Y


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