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The Company

The company Luxpanel International GmbH in Bitburg (GER) was founded in 2010 and produces the aluminum honeycomb panel LUXBOARD and our aluminum honeycomb LUXCORE on an area of ​​more than 3000 m2.

Our products are cost-optimized and manufactured individually for our customers in the desired formats.

The aluminum honeycomb panel LUXBOARD and the aluminum honeycomb LUXCORE are modern and versatile lightweight materials that are used worldwide in the areas of ship, yacht and rail vehicle construction, automotive construction, architecture, mechanical engineering and composite component production. Our continuous production process enables the production of panels up to 15m long with excellent flatness.

The honeycomb is a bionic stabilizing structure of the honeycomb taken from nature. Unique in the ratio of weight to stability.

We manufacture our highly stable, non-combustible and corrosion-resistant aluminum honeycomb sandwich panel LUXBORD from our LUXCORE aluminum honeycomb, which is manufactured in different cell sizes, in combination with aluminum cover layers in selectable thicknesses.

The application of this honeycomb core composite panel allows to use less material and reduce weight. The use of honeycomb core technology creates a significant increase in rigidity with very little increase in weight.

Due to the high design diversity in terms of honeycomb and top layer type, length, width, surface primers and decors, individual products can be manufactured quick and flexible according to customer requirements.

LUXBOARD and LUXCORE meet the high demands for efficiency and 100% recyclability for modern materials and open up completely new possibilities for product development and problem solutions. Our products are certified for a variety of industrial applications and are “Made in Germany”.

We offer a high level of flexibility in all areas of our company and almost unlimited variability in our products.

Luxpanel is a certified member of the Composites United e.V. ( and the Interessengemeinschaft Leichtbau e.V. (

Since promoting young talent is important to us, we are also active in the Education Hub Trier, the network for companies and young talent (

Our Values

Our values of innovation, passion and quality are our constant attender. They shape everything we do along the entire value chain. Continuous development and innovation are a matter of course for us. Our aim is to offer consistently high quality in all areas. We set ourselves new goals and create prospects for ourselves and our partners. We treat each other with respect and honesty and show mutual trust, personal appreciation and openness. We are committed to each other and approach our work with enthusiasm and passion.

Our Targets

Good enough is not enough for us. We try to find new and better solutions that do not just meet but beat expectations. We are always available and only work with the best to guarantee first class services. We strive to work sustainably in all areas of our company.

We have the courage to explore and cross boundaries. With agile working methods and our innovative approach, we meet or exceed our customers expectations.

Every single team member knows how important it is to get the job done.   We deliver quality and value in everything we do and carry the Luxpanel spirit in all of us. We are persistent and have the perservance to succeed, no matter the obstacles.

We always keep our promises to our customers and each other. We find solutions when problems arise and address these challenges with honesty and integrity. We always keep our word. This is the Luxpanel way.

We treat each other with respect, value each other and learn from each other. Together as a team we can achieve anything.

Our Specialists


Dr. Thomas Thielen

Dr. Thomas Thielen


Jörg Marxen


Thorsten Gröner

Thorsten Gröner



Silke Pasoter-Marxen

Silke Pasoter-Marxen

Sekretariat / Assistenz der Betriebsleitung


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